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This includes sprains/strains, bursitis, tendinitis and joint complaints that may not directly involve the spine. In some cases, physical therapy is the best option but I approach these  conditions with a whole body perspective as my goal is to treat the root cause of the joint dysfunction. This is accomplished by applying any variety of techniques that best address each individual's case.  


The chiropractic bread and butter... Spinal complaints can cause local and traveling pain. The key is to find out if the pain is caused by disc, joint compression, post-surgical pathology or other types of pathology that may require further imaging, testing or co-management with outside consultation. 


Sometimes that shooting, tingling or numbness isn't due to the spine but improper muscle or joint activity. Flossing and other types of nerve release techniques with corrective exercise can work wonders.


Functional neurology focuses on assessing the brain and it's vast pathways and then using the brain's ability to adapt and change to improve it's overall function; a.k.a. neuroplasticity. Some conditions like Parkinson's, mild onset dementia, Alzheimer's will not be cured with this approach but there may be ways to slow progression based on the patient and severity of the condition. Other non-structural neurology based dysfunctions may be addressed with this method; some cases may require co-management.


There are many potential causes of headaches. Let me help find you find out what kind of headache ails you and how you may best go about treating it. 


There's a lot that we have forgot since learning how to move as infants. Our daily postural and work-out technique habits put a toll on the body when repeatedly performed improperly; causing muscle and joint imbalances and weakness. Functional movement patterns restore what we've lost and help us re-discover the muscles we never knew were there. 


This is just as it sounds. In my practice, I have found that some of the most commonly used exercises are taught improperly. This compromises the benefit of the movement and strains muscles that should not be active as work-out injuries are mostly due to consistent poor form.


Trying to run faster, hit the ball harder, jump further, stick the landing or just optimize your overall performance? Helping you dissect your form and improve your technique is the game we should be playing and I'll help you get there with customized exercises based on video and visual assessments. 

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